Animal Cloud, based out of Los Angeles, CA, is the audio and visual creation of Keith Tenenbaum and Trevor Lissauer. The two songwriters have been collaborating together for over a decade under different project names and in February of 2017 they released their first full-length Animal Cloud album, Beautiful Sky.

The album was produced by Brad Smith, bass player and main songwriter of the Grammy Nominated Band, BLIND MELON and features the talents of Andy Dunlop of TRAVIS, Chris Null of DEAD SARA, Andrea Wasse of THE WEEKEND and Stevie Blacke.

Before their release of Beautiful Sky, Animal Cloud released two five song EP’s, Animal Cloud released in 2012 and We Like You released in 2014.

The band’s influences include Empire Of The Sun, MGMT, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and 80’s Alternative.

Keith, on his own, has also been fortunate for many years to have worked on a handful of side projects with REMY ZERO front man and close friend, Cinjun Tate.

Prior to Animal Cloud, Keith and Trevor’s songs were featured in the hit television shows Nip/Tuck, Party of Five and Felicity along with the award winning independent films, Right At Your Door and Eden’s Curve.

The idea behind Animal Cloud was to make something fun and imaginative. Live shows consist of a stage full of colored lights, laptops, keyboards, guitar, drums, and of course, two players in costume/character: a Fox named False Hope and a Zebra named Bells.

Between songs a preprogrammed computer voice spouts off witty/comical banter either about the band, the next song or something completely off-base and ends with the band’s catch phrase, “We Like You.”  The computer voice always gets a positive reaction from the crowd and at anytime during a live performance you can hear audience members shouting out to the band “We Like You.”

Animal Cloud Likes You J


“Complete with eerie masks and dressed in exterminator suits with reflective tape that would wreak havoc on my camera when flash was involved, the mystical pop rocking music and stunning visuals proceeded to take the audience far above the intimacy of the Hotel Café. Trevor Lissauer was the zebra on lead vocalist, guitar and keyboards, his mask and neck covered with stripes as he commanded the stage with boundless yet shadowy enthusiasm. Bassist Chris Magnee looked absolutely chilling as the tall rabbit, sending the room pulsating with his rhythmic ingenuity. And then there was Keith Tenenbaum as the fox on the lit up drum kit, unleashing powerful and quirky beats with a skilled precision. We have not Slipknot or Kiss on our hands, but an imaginative force of nature that may or may not be compared to the likes of Sigur Ros and Radiohead. Animal Cloud is their own definitive musical beast, and they roar with a sonic creativity that is electrifying.”

— Kenneth Morton, Highwriedaze.com


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